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Liquid & hand soap

Hand soap is a popular everyday hygiene product. Schild Labs manufactures soaps on behalf of other companies and fills them in a wide variety of containers. Soap is an important cleaning agent.

Liquid and hand soap
cremes and lotions

Creams and lotions


Creams and lotions are popular skincare products. For manufacturers of these cosmetic products, contract manufacturing and filling services offer the added value of outsourcing production and packaging.

Hotel cosmetics

Hotel guests who feel at home will want to come back and will also recommend your hotel to others. Hotel cosmetics play an important part in creating a welcoming atmosphere. Providing a selection of soap, shampoo, conditioners and bath salts in miniature helps to make guests feel appreciated.

hotel cosmetics
beauty shots

Beauty shots

Beauty shots promise to strengthen beauty from the inside out. For this, users drink one shot of the beauty drink each day. This makes beauty shots considerably different from the care products on the cosmetics market, which until now have mainly been applied externally.

Disinfection and Sanitising

Sanitising your hands and disinfecting surfaces together make up an important part of holistic hygiene. If you touch a contaminated surface after sanitising your hands, then it will have been a wasted effort. This is why surface disinfectants and hand sanitisers are both important elements of the hygiene cycle.

face care

Face care

Facial care is an important daily ritual for many consumers. As a contract manufacturer, Schild Labs offers comprehensive services for manufacturers in this area. We carry out development of formulations, production and contract filling of care products into branded containers.